The Small Business Bureau (SBB), was established under the Guyana’s Small Business Act (2004) to:

  • Implement programmes and offer services which address major constraints faced by small businesses – access to finance, business managemenet and technical skills
  • Promote policies which foster small business development
  • Monitor small businesses’ access to designated 20% of Government’s procurement of goods and services

    “To support the development of the Micro and Small Business sectors to their optimum through the cultivation of entrepreneurship,
    fostering business cooperation, and solidifying the value chain for maximum contribution to the mainstream economy”.


    “To enable sustained growth and uniformed diversification of MSEs within local sectors with a view to creating positive measureable
    impacts through expert guidance, effectively channelled resources, comprehensive networking and provision of a supporting
    environment for maximised performance”.


    • To support the Government’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions by re-orienting the economy on to a low carbon path, through the implementation of incentives to invest in Low Carbon Sectors (LCS)
    • To provide enhanced access to finance and business development training required for growth
    • To foster entrepreneurship through the development and implementation of relevant programmes