Who qualifies:

  • Persons who would not qualify for loans because of perceived risks, no credit history – “Start-up” ventures
  • Persons seeking financning to support starting a business

How much is the grant?

Any amount up to G$300,000

How do you qualify?

  • All applicants must be registered with the SBB
  • You are required to submit a sound business plan in the SBB template
  • Submit quotations and/or estimates from recognised suppliers, to support details of how you intend to spend the grant funds

What happens after you submit a completed business plan?

  • Site verification visits
  • SBB prepare an report with recommendations which is submitted to the grant committee for consideration

The Grant Committee is made up of designated officers of the following institutions:

  1. Bank fo Guyana
  2. Ministry of Finance
  3. Ministry of Busness
  4. Project Management Office of the Office of the Presidency
  5. Small Business Bureau – Secretary to the Grant Committee


SBB facilitates small business loans through Republic Bank Ltd. and Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry.
Loans can be accessed at interest rates of 6% with collateral support

How much can be borrowed through the SBB?

Loans range from G$100,000 to G$30million.

How do I qualify?

  1. Submit a winning business plan
  2. Submit general documents required – Identification, business registration, license/permit relevant to the business type, proof of address, financial records, quotations, estimates, oher documents as required to support request.
  3. Good credit record/score
  4. Be able to meet the collateral requirements (60% collateral required for loans accessed through the MSED Programme)