Step 1 Register with the Small Business Bureau

Step 2 Attend mandatory business plan preparation training (about 3 days)\r\n\r\nStep 3 Submit completed business plan to SBB after the training programme.

Step 4 SBB reviews submission for completeness

Step 5 Verification visits done by SBB officers.

Step 6 SBB submits application to the Grant committee which reviews plan and scores based on – Business experience of the applicant (whether by employment or business), administration/management of the enterprise (includes knowledge of associated costs, market and marketing strategies to be employed) and the financial impact of the grant (additional point scored for jobs created). Grant Application Process diagrammed:

Step 7 SBB ensures all required documentation submitted, relevant certifications/licenses (such as food handler’s certificate), business registration, TIN, NIS card, valid quotations from suppliers where items to be acquired with approved grant funds.

Step 8 Funds are disbursed in tranches with cheques made payable as far as possible, to suppliers

Step 9 Receipts of funds disbursed are submitted to SBB

Step 10 Follow up visits done by SBB to ensure business continuity.

Step 11 If funds not utilized as per approved business plan, a client is required by way of an agreement signed prior disbursement to repay funds disbursed, to SBB