Step 1 Make initial enquiry with either a partnering Financial Institution (FI) or the Bureau.

Step 2 If an enquiry is made with Bureau, SBB registration form must be filled, followed by bank’s requirements being discussed, prescreening done; and a referral letter will be prepared for prospective applicant to submit to the FI of his/her choice.

Step 3 If enquiry made with FI, bank does prescreening and then sends applicant to SBB to register and uplift referral letter.

Step 4 All other application processes are conducted at the FI and requirements are those as requested by the FI.

The Loans’ Application Process is diagrammed below:

Step 5 The FI completes prescreening form and submits same to SBB for confirmation of guarantee.

Step 6 Wherever Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) compliance considerations are required, requisite form filled based on findings of SBB and approved by Environmental Specialist within the Project Management Office of the Office of the Presidency. Once approved, partner financial institutions are given the go-ahead by SBB to proceed to loan approval.

Step 7 Upon approval and disbursement of loan, final form – Qualifying Loan Summary – is submitted to SBB with final loan terms and loan account details.