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The Small Business Bureau -
Promoting Entrepreneurship and Supporting Small Businesses Nationwide

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Are you planning to start up a business or do you have an existing business and need guidance? If yes, then you should contact the Small Business Bureau by telephone or email.

Telephone - 226-8120 or 608-6504

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 SBB Required Documents (Submit scanned copy)

  • SBB Registration Form (Download form here)
  • National Identification Card 
  • GRA TIN Certificate
  • GRA Compliance Certificate 
  • NIS Document 
  • Business Registration

Small Business Relief Grants and Services (SBRGS)

The Small Business Bureau is offering Small Business Relief Grants and Services to registered small businesses experiencing significant economic challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Guyana.
The relief support is intended to strengthen and sustain small businesses through provision of the following:
1. Relief Grants to sustain business operations and retain employees.
2. Training and Development Support to establish and market businesses through online platforms, diversify businesses, and forge supply partnership.

The Small Business Bureau will expedite Small Business Relief Grants and Services to qualified clients on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability of funding.

See Criteria, Process, and Application Form below:
  • Small business clients registered with the SBB and has viable business model
  • Completion of the SBB/Ministry of Business Survey.
  • Have a minimum of two (2) employees involved in the small business.
  • Proof of significant disruption/decrease of cash flow due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Commitment to retaining employees, at least on limited basis.
  • Commitment to keeping prices for products and services at minimal level.
  • Commitment to submit receipts of purchases, monthly progress reports and other relevant documents.
  1. Clients complete and submit relief application form and agreement, along with evidence of reduced cash flow and other documents that.
  2. SBB conducts site visit/virtual (video call) verification of business.
  3. SBB expedite documents for processing and disbursement of grants
  4. Grants are approved and disbursed to client.
  5. Client submits receipts of purchases and monthly progress report.
  6. SBB follows up/monitor progress with clients to determine compliance and any additional needed support.

After completing application form, you must complete the survey below as part of the application process.

You must submit Income and Expenditure Statement to complete the application process. 

Click here to download Income and Expenditure Statement Form

Fill out form and send it to:

Our Services

Small Business Development Grants

Our clients can access grants of up to $500, 000 GYD.

Small Business Development Loans

We provide collateral guarantee for loan clients with interest rates at 6% up to $30, 000, 000 GYD.

Business Incubator Centres

We have business incubators: located at Belvedere (Berbice) and Lethem.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Session

Want to know about entrepreneurship? We have monthly awareness sessions.

Business Support

Need administrative resources to succeed? We offer support to businesses when needed.

Regional Help Desk

Have trouble reaching us? We have help desks located in various administrative regions.

Small Business Development Grants Notice

If you are an employee of an organization which is government affiliated, then you are not eligible for a small business development grant. However, you can apply for a small business development loan.

Government affiliated organizations include:

  • – Ministry Offices 
  • – Semi-autonomous agencies (e.g. GNBS, SBB, GGMC, etc)
  • – Regional Democratic Councils & Town Councils 
  • – Any Government-owned organization (e.g. Public Schools, etc)

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