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Small Business Development Loans

Under its Credit Guarantee Programme, SBB guarantees small business development loans for clients, up to a total value of GYD30,000,000. Currently two Participating Financial Institutions (PFI) – Republic Bank Guyana Limited, and Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited, are supporting approval and disbursement of small business development loans.


To be eligible for a small business development loan, the following requirements must be met:

§  Owner(s) of a business, seeking expansion of the business.

§  Registered client(s) of the Small Business Bureau.

§  Submit copies of Business Registration, National Identification Card and certificate of Tax Identification Number.

§  Submit a complete business plan document (if business start-up or established less than 12 months).

§  Submit quotations/estimates of items to be purchased with loan funding.

§  Submit valid GRA and NIS compliance documents.

§  Submit credit information from CreditInfo.

Loans Process

§  Client(s) submits all required documents.

§  SBB reviews documents and interviews client(s).

§  SBB conducts a site visit of the business.

§  SBB refers client(s) to PFI/Bank for approval of loan.

§  PFI/Bank informs SBB when loan approved and request final approval.

§  Client(s) signs SBB Agreement and Promissory Note.

§  SBB approves and return documents to PFI/Bank.

§  PFI/Bank disburses loan.

§  Client(s) submits to SBB evidence of payment to PFI/Bank.

§  SBB conducts monitoring and evaluation visits of business.