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More About Green Technology Fund

Historical Fact: In the past, under this government’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability, the Small Business Bureau embarked on this remarkable journey. Prior to the challenges posed by COVID-19, the Bureau made strides in supporting small businesses with green innovative ideas through the Green Business Technology Fund initiative. This initiative funded 32¬†MILLION DOLLARS to small businesses with groundbreaking plans. This initiative represents a renewed dedication to promoting innovation and sustainability in green technology.

Our Objectives: At the heart of the Green Tech Fund lies a commitment to nurturing ideas that have the potential to make a profound impact on our planet. Our primary objectives include:

  1. Promoting Innovation: We seek to empower individuals and businesses to push the boundaries of green technology through innovative solutions.
  2. Fostering Sustainability: By supporting projects that prioritize environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices, we aim to foster a culture of green sustainability within our communities.

Areas of Assessment

Awards for the Green Business Technology Fund are assessed and graded based on the following areas:

Assessment Area Points Awarded
Innovation & Technology
Environmental Sustainability
Strategic Planning
Financial Viability

Support offered by SBB will include mentoring/coaching, business training, and network connections to allow Green Business Technology Fund awardees to connect with other businesses for technical support, such as access to markets.


For further details and assistance, please refer to the links provided below.

Please be advised that you are not limited to the proposed green ideas below.

Countdown to Submission of Proposals | Deadline for Submission of Proposals: July 19, 2024

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