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Help Desk

Locations and contact information for Small Business Bureau Help Desks in the administrative regions:

Region Name of Assistant Location Contact Number(s)
1 Esther Perez Mabaruma Regional Democratic Office 697-9087
2 Chandanie Kissoon Anna Regina Town Council 771-4302
3 Tiffany Daniels Region 3 Chamber of Commerce 611-3555
6 Odessa Barker New Amsterdam Town Council 333-2667
6 Alcia Williams & Towanna James Family Awareness Counciousness and Togetherness (FACT) Office- Skeldon 335-3889
7 Arianna Waddell Bartica Town Council Office 455-2229
8 Angela Edwin Mahdia Regional Democaratic Office 669-8521
9 Izvestia Wilson and Donette Francis Lethem Town Council 772-2028
10 Delicia Williams Linden Town Council Office 444-4010