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Several small businesses have been honoured at the first Awards Reception and Dinner hosted by the Small Business Committee and the Small Business Bureau.

They included Braf’s Manufacturing, Hero Carts, The Balance, Presidential Cuts Barber Shop and Sports Bar, and Deika’s Spices.

The awardees are all registered clients of the Small Business Bureau.

Minister of Business Hon. Haimraj Rajkumar, while delivering the feature address, said that “Small businesses are very important to our country, to our society, to our communities.”

Referring to the recently commissioned business incubator in Belvedere and another soon to be launched in Lethem, the Minister noted that small businesses create employment.

“We are offering services, to startup businesses, young business entrepreneurs to have them, trained, mentored, providing a space where they can start up their business and learn as they go along, so our Government is very serious in developing small businesses.”

Article by Natasha Smith – February 14, 2020

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