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To support small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic the Small Business Bureau (SBB) is encouraging business owners to apply for a relief grant from the agency.

Chief Executive Officer of the Small Business Bureau Dr. Lowell Porter explained that priority will be given to certain categories of businesses.

“We are looking for those who are in the food business, agro-processors, value-added, but the bottom line is, you come to us we will start talking,” he told DPI during an interview on Saturday.

Application forms can be found on their website or their Facebook Page ‘small business bureau Guyana’.

The CEO further explained that to be eligible, businesses must be a registered client of the Bureau and not only the Commercial Deeds Registry.

Dr. Porter noted that once the applicants meet all the necessary criteria the agency will disperse the grant to the entrepreneurs within five days.

He also clarified that relief is a grant and not a loan, as such, businesses will not have to repay.

“Though it is financial, you will not actually receive cash, but you may receive a cheque to a supplier. However, importantly it is a grant that you do not have to repay but there are conditions that come with it.”

Interested persons who are unable to complete the form online, also have the option to book an appointment with the Small Business Bureau.

Dr. Porter disclosed that a strict monitoring and evaluation system will be employed to ensure that grants are being utilised correctly, adding that the agency will embark on monthly checks on businesses and provide guidance if any difficulties arise.

To date, more than 500 small businesses have registered with the Bureau for COVID-19 assistance. (Department of Public Information)


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