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With the COVID-19 measures taking a significant economic toll, the Ministry of Business today announced that relief grants are available to small businesses experiencing challenges.

In an advertisement in today’s Stabroek News, the Ministry’s Small Business Bureau (SBB) said it is offering relief grants and services to registered small businesses by provision of the following:

1)      Relief Grants to sustain business operations and retain employees.

2)      Training and Development support to establish and market businesses through online platforms, diversify businesses, and forge supply partnership”.

For more information on the criteria and application process, interested persons can contact the SBB by email:   They can also telephone: 633-7101, 633-7102, 608-8495.

The SBB said that it will expedite the small business relief grants and services to qualified clients on a first come, first served basis subject to the availability of funding.

The government has been criticized for imposing a one-month lockdown on businesses since April 3rd without providing any relief to employees and employers. The lockdown was further extended to June 3rd. Some businesses have been providing limited services and others have reopened.


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